Update | One Week and Counting

Because every post needs a photo...
Because every post needs a photo, not because this has anything to do with the post…

Three weeks since surgery.  Which means one more week.  One more week until I can enjoy a really good stretch. One more week of the sports bra.  One more week of the compression bike shorts.  (Can’t bear to call it a girdle.  Even though the website does.  Whatever.)  The bruising is gone, almost all of the glue sealing the incisions is gone, and there’s very little discomfort– only a little tenderness in one spot if I really apply pressure.  I’ll have an appointment just after that week is up and hope to get an all clear at that point. Physically, I feel pretty normal.  I just can’t wait until I can feel normal emotionally, too.

One thought on “Update | One Week and Counting

  1. Hi Jamie…just read your post about a little discomfort. I finished my radiation on June 17 and I still have some discomfort, and numbness from surgery back in April. We are in the process of moving and Frank won’t let me do much…just remember to take care of yourself and don’t overdo it. These are major life changing circumstances…be good to you!


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