Pixies by Choice

A few days following my most recent haircut wearing Russian Red lipstick by MAC

charlize          michelle williams

beyonce 2                   pam anderson


Charlize Theron was one of the first celebs with whom I related when my hair was growing back in.  I still love her hair in that first picture– she is so beautiful, and her hair just looks perfect to me.  And of course, Michelle Williams has been sporting her pixie ‘do long enough to be one of the first images that pops up when you google it.  Beyonce chopped off all her hair this summer, but I have to admit being a little disappointed when she was photographed in a long wig just a few days later.  And just this week, Pamela Anderson ditched the long locks that have been a major part of her identity for decades, and Jennifer Lawrence followed suit.

It’s probably easier to keep up with a pixie hair cut when frequent haircuts are de rigueur and a stylist follows you around with an armload of product, ready any time a hair goes awry.  And of course, when they’re ready to grow it out again, they’ll have the support of that same fabulous stylist, helping them make the best of a hard hair situation.  I’m so glad that I have Dragan by my side, helping me as I try to grow mine out.  I love it short, but I loved it long, too, so we’re going to see if I can stand to let it grow.  But at least I know that I’m in the very best hands, or scissors, to make the growing out process as painless as possible.

photos: Charlize Theron/Michelle Williams/Beyonce/Pamela Anderson/Jennifer Lawrence

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