Dance if You Want To

I’m betting lots of you have seen the video of the woman dancing in the operating room before her mastectomy. In fact, a few of you have sent it to me! Strangely, I didn’t think much about it, except that I’ve never had a surgery where I was awake in the OR.  They’ve always given me some nice meds in the IV so that I don’t last much longer than the time it takes to get out the door of the pre-op room.  Why was she still awake, I wondered?  And weren’t they worried about the sterility of the environment?  Of course, she is an OB at that hospital, so I imagine she might have been given a little leeway to do what she wanted.

I hadn’t thought anymore of it until I ran across this article last week.  “You don’t have to dance at your mastectomy,” the author wrote. And so I started thinking.  Everyone deals with things differently.  Deborah wanted to dance, it was her way of showing her friends, her family, herself, that cancer wouldn’t beat her.  And that’s ok. But the author of this article cautioned that it’s ok if you don’t want to dance, too. It’s ok if you want to be scared or sad or angry.

It almost made me feel a little guilty.  No, I didn’t have a flash mob in the OR when I had a mastectomy.  But I do try to keep a positive attitude, and make light of the whole cancer thing whenever I can.  I don’t put a lot of sad or angry on this blog, though honestly, that’s because I don’t have a lot of sad or angry to share.  But just because I’m not sad or angry doesn’t mean that I’m better than someone who is. It doesn’t make me stronger or braver.  It just makes me me.  So you be you, and dance if you want to.

One thought on “Dance if You Want To

  1. Yep, everyone handles it differently. The day of my last radiation treatment I rang the bell then Frank took me to pick out any roses I wanted. That night we went out to dinner and I dressed to the nines! As I was sipping my wine, the waitress came over and I said “We are celebrating!” and she said “Oh Yeah! What are we celebrating?”. I said “I had a boob job…and oh yes! I had breast cancer too.” Everyone handles it differently. I still cry sometimes, it’s been a long road. Dealing with depression, a misdiagnosis, wrong meds, hospital stays, then oh yeah, by the way you have cancer. But I laugh now….and cry. It’s all good. Celebrate a good Thanksgiving, my friend! We have alot to be thankful for. Hugs!


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