Lego’s First Breast Cancer Minifig?

It’s been cold and snowy here.  The kids finally headed back to school and it was as if you could hear all the parents breathe a collective sigh of relief as we put their cold little bodies on the bus yesterday morning.

But filling five consecutive days off has been a challenge. We played (briefly) outside, made fires, made chili and chocolate chip cookies, and the kids played far too much Wii and Minecraft. (For the record, they also each completed one “big” school assignment and got some more books at the library.) But thankfully, they love Legos and have played a good bit with those, too.

DSC_0005 (2)

This is currently one  of Emma Clare’s favorite characters, she is reading a book about a Japanese-American family, so is drawn to the cherry blossom tank. But she showed it to me because she thinks it looks like me.  Apparently, this is kind of what my hair looks like when I don’t spike it up fauxhawk-style.

Legos sure have come a long way since I hoarded the trees and flowers to try to give my houses at least a little bit of a woman’s touch. Now, apparently, I have my very own Lego minifig. I must be big stuff.

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