What to Wear | Post-Surgery

photo 2 - Copy (2)

I hadn’t planned to do another what to wear post, but after chatting at the bus stop, I decided to take another picture in my dirty mirror.  We were discussing all the compression garments I was wearing– yes, I was complaining.  Again. There are foam pads a quarter inch thick on the outside of each thigh, another one on my stomach.  I’ve got on a lovely, lace trimmed compression bra, a super tight abdominal binder, and of course, the girdle that goes down nearly to my knees.  I decided to share the outfit when one friend mentioned she had no idea all the “business” I had going on underneath. Oh yes, there’s a lot of business going on up under there.  A dark skirt that’s not too clingy hides the girdle and foam pads on my thighs, and the high collar and boxy shape of the tee hide the compression bra and at least most of the bulkiness of the shoulder strap flaps.

The abdominal binder means that he did end up using my belly fat for the fat grafting.  But he was a good sport, so tried my flank first, since it was my first choice.  Which means that I have double the compression, double the pain.  But maybe half the fat?  Let’s go with that.

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