Post Surgery Update


A friend texted me yesterday to admit to facebook stalking me to find out how I was doing.  Perhaps she wasn’t the only curious one…

I’m doing fine. This morning, I woke up feeling much less sore, so I think I’ll be going without pain pills today.  Wednesday and Thursday, I was definitely pretty sore, but still functional.  My plan had been to avoid percocet since it makes me itchy, but I was apprehensive about taking Vicodin, as at least I knew percocet wouldn’t make me nauseated.  The good news: Vicodin didn’t make me itchy or nauseated.  The bad: it didn’t help with my pain.  So yesterday I switched to percocet, and thankfully the itching wasn’t as bad as before, though that stuff totally throws me into a haze.  Glad to be going med-free today!

I’m also about to take my first shower in an embarrassingly long time. (Though it was doctor mandated, I’m not just gross!) I’m looking forward to that special first shower clean, and to ditching the foam pads that are adding an extra layer on my thighs.  The big question is whether I’ll be able to get all the little purple “x” marks off my chest so that I can wear a regular shirt.

I’ve enjoyed my two days as a patient, spending most of the school day in bed, either resting, on the computer, or watching bad tv. But my days of leisure are over– it’s a good thing I don’t think I need those meds anymore, because today I’m headed to school to learn all about colonial life from the fourth graders.  A little time to relax is nice, but two days is probably all I can hope for at the end of the school year.  So I guess I’d better go hop in the shower.

And for the record, for those who are following my car saga, I do not get a new car.  But the dealer is honoring the just expired warranty and rebuilding the transmission.  I’m supposed to get it back by Monday.  I suppose a week when I’m all drugged up is as good a time as any to be without a car.

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