Growing out a Pixie | One Year of Regrowth

hair regrowth one year

Last May, I was just starting to really see hair on my head, it was so short, stuck straight up, and was super blonde.  It was still a while before I’d head in to Dragan to get a trim– or really a shaping.  Since then, we’ve  been faithfully trimming and shaping it, letting the top grow long while keeping the sides shorter.  Eventually, the goal is to get the top to grow in to a bit of an inverted bob.  But for now, it’s still short, and getting to the tricky stage, harder to control.

growing out pixie 05.14

I have been literally counting the days until tomorrow’s haircut, hoping Dragan can help me find a way to style it at this new length.  In the past few days, I’ve been through loads of hairstyles– trying to see what I can do with such short, but not quite short enough, hair.  I’ve been raiding Emma Clare’s stash of hair accessories lately, the Jane Tran barrettes are my current fave, but I’ve even given some headbands a shot.  I don’t love hair in my face, so this next stage could be tough, but between the headbands, barrettes, braids, and yes, ball caps, I hope to make it to the “tuck behind the ears” stage.

edited to add: This is how it ended up today…  Still hoping for a flash of inspiration at the haircut tomorrow!
pixie grow out 05.14


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